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Who knows when DW8 will come out? Create your own characters that you would put in DW8 if you could! You can re-post characters from other topics on here. ENJOY  ::)

My Character is Mia Zen.
She's 18 and a cuncubine of Xiahou Dun (Wei)
Her Weapon is A flower Chained whip similar to Diao Chans in Dynasty warriors 7.
She's a fierce and loving person.
She has long black hair and side bangs, and a soft yet determined face with a slim and gorgeous figure.
Her first outfit is- Strapless blue flowered Kimono and Silver Sandals.
Second outfit-Same but pink, and hair is braided.
Third outfit-Same but green, hair in a pony-tail.
Quotes: When Enemy officer defeated- Oh, I'm not done with you yet!
When she is defeated-I'll be back for more.
When Her team Wins-I could have won this battle by myself!
When her team looses- Pshh. I was just tired of winning.
When she sees Xiahou Dun-I knew you didn't need any help I just  thought I'd pay you a visit.
When she's struggling- Ugh, What a nuisance!
Every 100 K.O.'s- Challenge me with a hundred more!
Every 1000 K.O.'s- OF COURSE, I'm a true warrior of the three kingdoms! Did you now already know that?!
Move set- Musou- Back handsprings and kicking and slicing enemies then landing on a victim.
True Musou- Same as Musou but in the end she lands and creates a giant shock wave, killing enemies all around.
Triangle- Slides across the ground knocking down and killing enemies in her path.
Square one- Slice across
Square two- Same as first.
Square three- Slicing Down.
Square four- Spins with whip out.
Square five- Slice across.
Square six- Slice up.
Square Triangle one- Slice across then slams down.
Square triangle two- Slices across then slams enemy.
Square triangle three- Slice down then twirls with leg out.
Square triangle four- Spin with whip out then figure eight with whip.
Square triangle five- Slice across then kick twice.
Square Triangle six- Slice up then spins whip around head.

Omunzi (I looked Gan Ning's wife up but it only showed me his sons so he must have a wife or a concubine then! lol)
Age- She's young XD
She has short, curly, light brown hair in a ponytail with short bangs to the side. Her dress is orange and white and it is slightly ruffly with spaghetti straps. Her shoes are orange high heels and she has a white flower in her hair.
Her body is slim and she is beautiful.
She is a princess but she is married to Gan Ning. Sun Shang Xiang is her BFF and they often compete to see who is better, stronger, smarter, etc.
She is nice and funny, but sometimes sarcastic.

Attack= Her weapon is a slingshot. Do not jump to conclusions and figure she just shoots rocks at people because that's not it. She shoots many things at the enemy and sometimes slashes them with the slingshot or uses it like a club.

Chosen- Pretty girls can be strong!
Win- I kicked BUTT out there!
Loss- The rest of the team won't be happy.
Defeats officer- Run while you have the chance!
Defeated- Ouch! You don't hit a girl!
Returns to battlefield- Oooh! I'm angry now!
Dies- shouldn't this.....
100 KO's- I haven't even tried my hardest!
1000 KO's- You scared out of your mind yet?
Surprise- What in the world?!
Praise (SSS) - You think THAT'S impressive? Watch this!
Praise (Zhou Tai) - Wow Zhou Tai! You're strong.
Praise (other) - Hmmm, good job.
She defects- Bye bye! See ya on the opposite side of the battlefield!
Friend defects to enemy- Jerk! I hate you now.
Enemy defects to friend- Hey! Welcome to the awesome side.

yan yan:
something tells me u got very bored and had nothing else to do but make this up?



Age: 67

Perimeter General under Zhang He

Weapon: Chicken bone


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